"'Wife” means 'half body” for the two bodies make one life. Husband and wife are inseparable. One lives for the other  They breathe the same breath of life, the same impulse of life. Even when he is at the office and she is at home--office is devoted to home and home is devoted to office. This is practical devotion. They live for one another. It is a complete sacrifice--more than a sanyasi. The householder has a much greater quality of life.  The reward of this sacrifice is fullness of heart.  And this sacrifice is not a burden.   Each is giving of that life and receiving fullness of life in return The dedication of husband and wife makes the whole life bliss--and this is all in simple innocence-- just as a child’s devotion to mother.  The breath of the child is as the breath of the mother. The need for love is natural.  The wife depends on the husband--and the husband depends on the wife. This dependence swells in enrichment of the heart, the better the heart--the better the love.   Married life is an innocent opportunity to improve spiritual life.   What a brahmachari gains by celibacy a married man gains by devotion. We follow either one path or the other--in-between is a waste of time.   It is so easy to live with all good and cultured feelings for one another. Love of husband and wife is a means of yoga--to union. Married life gives security to the heart--it gives stability.  What is most necessary is security--and a man’s heart needs security as much as a wife's."



8 December l969