Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 3 levels of reality Adhi Atmika, Adhi Daivika, and Adhi Bhautika
 9 June 2007
In the Global Family Chat on 9 June 2007, on the occasion of  celebrating the achievements of Dr. John Hagelin, Minister of Science and  Technology of the Global Country of World Peace, Maharishi said that having heard  Dr. John Hagelin's perception of reality, it was a very great satisfaction  to hear the proposal from the President of Maharishi University of  Management (MUM) to have this day celebrated year after year into the countless  future [with the new Tower of Invincibility that will be built at MUM].  

Maharishi continued:  [Comments in brackets are additions by the editors]
This day is being celebrated by the collective consciousness of so many thousand students of Dr. Hagelin who have been engaged in the  scientific research on the surface of life in the gross, and internally in the depths of their own self-referral consciousness. In this they have generated  this day, the value of which we have heard beautifully described by Dr. Hagelin. All the field of the smriti (memory), [is] the memory of the unified  field. Within the unified field - the endless depth of absolute silence deep  within the ocean - is the silence, and this silence has a memory.  This  silence is its self-referral state and the whole memory of what the self-referral  is. Complete self-referral is fully awake in two kinds of memory: memory  of the deepest level of the ocean - infinite silence - along with the memory  of the surface values of the waves of the ocean. So waves of the ocean on the surface [come] from the ocean silence and  memory.  This 'waves of memory' is the connecting link between great,  endless surface activity and great silence.  Infinite activity on one level,  infinitely silent on the other level - and both connected with the memory. And this memory is what?  Memory is [made] lively by the devata.  There is a word in the vedic literature, the devata.  What is there in the self-referral state?  Everyone knows, and I have repeated a thousand times - I'll just remind you - 'Richo akshare', the 'Ak', the collapse of  infinity,
'A', into 'Ka'.
And what is the big collapse?  What is collapsing?  Infinity into a point. So this is what we say - memory, memory.  This is Smriti, and wherever there is a movement (collapse means movement) from one to the other, from one to the other, that contrasts with the silence.  Silence is steady. 'Move' is silence losing its absolute nature and gaining its relative 
 So this move of the silence, how it happens?  The Rk Veda says 'yasmin deva adhi vishwe nisheduh'.  'Richo akshare parame vyoman'.  The richas are in the collapse in the transcendental.  And what is there?  'Yasmin deva adhi vishwe nisheduh'.  'Deva adhi vishwe': [it is] the devatas that uphold the administration of the universe; [it is] the devatas that bring about  multiplication of the unity. These devatas reside in the transcendental, self-referral field. So here is a whisper of vedic science to physical science. What is the whisper?  The whisper is that there is a connected link from complete self-
 referral to object-referral, and this is the administration of the universe, and this is the veda.  'Richo akshare para-me vyoman, yasmin deva adhi vishwe nisheduh'.  The devatas are in the structuring dynamics of veda.  What [are the] devata here?  Devata are - I give a word and that word I am mentioning, Dr. Hagelin has taught to his students - they are able to produce the effect of national administration rising more and more in its successful value.
Successful value of administration [means] everyone is happy, no one is in any way difficult to each other; no one in conflict, no negativity; all health, wealth, wisdom everywhere.  This is the administration of the devata value. In this we have three values: [1] transcendental self-referral value,[2] the devata value, and [3] the physical transformations of devata.

Dr. Hagelin has been explaining to the students in terms of the physiology of the brain.  All the research of our Maharaja Raam-ji, who said "Physiology [3] is the expression of consciousness [1?], of intelligence [1?], and this intelligence is awake [2]."  This is active in terms of devata, in the company of intelligence So there is self-referral; now we call it Brahma [1].  Now we are seeing how many levels [there are].  One level is Brahma, Brahma [1]; the other level is Devata [2]; the third level is the physical universe [3]. So these three levels of reality - transcendental, self-referral consciousness, the field at the basis of the physical creation [1]; being at the basis of physical creation [3], it is that which creates sensory perception, sensory levels of reality - the five senses [2].  So there is a distinction.
The distinction will also be on another level, which is intellect.  Now intellect has its value in five bifurcations of the one Total Reality. In the vedic expression, the world of the Reality is divided into three values.  [There are] three values now - Adhyatma [1], Adhideva [2], and Adhibhuta [3].  Adhyatmika, pure spirituality, pure unity, self-referral totality, Brahma [1].

So Brahma is a combination of the two values, knowledge and action: science and technology together.  Knowledge and action, that is Brahma [1]. And then another level of Brahma [is] this level of the veda, the level of devata [2].  And devata level is the level of Ayur Veda - that being when 'A' becomes 'Ayu' divided into today, tomorrow, next day.
The kala [time] - the periods come along, and when the periods come along, division of infinity comes along, and when the divisions come along, then dis-unity comes along, physical universe [3] comes along. So from the physical universe [3] to the non-physical, which is the cause of physical, to the devata level [2], and from the devata to the unifying state of all the devatas, that is Brahma [1].
There is a word in the vedic literature - the word is Raam.  'Raam Brahma' [Raam is Brahma], pure spirituality, also Raam [1].  Raam is the ruler of the three worlds; Raam is the ruler of three worlds because it is a summation.  It is a unity of millions of devatas [2].  There are millions of Devatas in the veda [2].
On the vedic level [2] [are] the organizational laws - the system of administration of the vedanga - and the Raam Brahma level, the Brahma level, [is] the transcendental level [1]: transcendental to the three qualities of the veda [2] - rishi, devata, chhandas; three values, in terms of reverberating values, reverberation of the first one [1].
Brahma is 'nirguna nirakara Brahmaa', Totality, transcendental, all self-referral [1].  That means atma level, atma level [is] that self-referral, transcendental [1] -  and when it is on the working level [2], then it is creating multiplicity from atma.  'A' [is the] first syllable of atma [1]. 'A' is again the first syllable of the veda [2].  So atma [1] turns  into veda [2], and Veda [2] turns into vishwa [the universe] [3].  Vishwa is multiplicity.
So three levels of reality.  These are the Vedic words: adhyatmika [1], adhi-vaidika  (devata) [2], and adhibhautika (physical) [3]. Adhyatma, spirituality, Adhyatma, spirituality, pure spirituality, pure Unity, so 'Raam Brahma paramarath rupa' [Raam is Brahma, the ultimate goal of life] [1].
 And Raam is veda [2]. Veda is Raam, the administrator of the universe [2]. The constitution of the universe [2] [is] in terms of Raam.  Raam, the constitution of the universe, is in terms of the veda [2]. It becomes physical in terms of the physical Raam, the Raja coming from the Solar dynasty, the physical Raam [3]. So [there are] these three values, and Dr. Hagelin has been not mentioning the vedic terminology in order that the students go straight from reality to reality to reality.  [There are these] three levels of reality, and he has created within them the insight into the three values Raam Brahma [1], Raam veda [2], Raam vishwa [3].
These three values are and will be contained on the level of meeting in the central university: Maharishi Central University.  Three values. Brahma is the ruler, 'Raam Brahmaa paramarath rupa' [1].  Raam.  The word 'Raam': 'Ra', 'Ra', 'Ra' - the reverberation of 'A', reverberation of 'A' is 'Atma' [1]. In terms of self-referral it is 'A', self-referral flow of veda [2]. And the flow of veda, 'A', explains from infinity [1] to point [3]. The whole range of performance of activity is in terms of devata; that is called Devata [2].  Each word of the vedas has its meaning in all the three, and that is one word 'Raam'.
That is why the phrase is 'Raam Brahmaa paramarath rupa'.  And Raam, Ayodhyate Raam, Raam, the ruler of the world, ruler of all the countries, having this capital in Ayodhya, [is] Ayodhyate Raja Raam.  So Ayodhya, the dwelling place of Raam, has three characteristic qualities to it - Ayodhya the physical Ayodhya [3]; Ayodhya is the Ayodhya of the devatas [2]; and Ayodhya of Brahma [1].
Exactly the same thing in the body of everyone.  'Aham Brahmaasmi", I am Brahma [1]; I am veda, 'vedaham' [2].  'Aham Brahma' [1], 'aham veda' [2],'aham vishwam' [3], I am the universe, I am the physical [3], I am the mental [2], I am the transcendental [1], I am all that there is.  I am all that there is.  Every person is the embodiment of the unified 
 field: it's a matter of knowing or not knowing.  If one doesn't know, one doesn't enjoy; if one knows, one enjoys.
 So this is the first class in the long hundreds of centuries in the history of university education, where Dr. Hagelin has spearheaded Total Knowledge in the unified field.  Total Knowledge in the unified field. And the expressions of Dr. Hagelin through all these years, the Raja of England [Raja Peter Warburton] has collected, and we have connected it. So there is a phrase, a very enjoyable phrase: 'My Lord, I am offering you what you have bestowed on me.' 
 'Tvadiyam vastu Govinda tubhyam eva samarpaye: 'Whatever you have   offer ed to me, I am offering to you.'  [Thy gift, my Lord, I surrender to Thee]. These beautiful sentiments from Dr. Hagelin today came out from the day [Dr. Hagelin's birthday] and from expressing all these  transcendental values of knowledge on three levels - on Brahma level [1], and  the devata level, and the devata level is the veda level, veda [2]. Every word of the veda is the devata, the devata.
 All the eight values of every devata Prakriti [ego, intellect, mind, 5 senses], they are all the veda in veda form, the whole thing is like that...  So this division of Total Knowledge, this is how we got it from Guru Dev, so fully adored by Dr. Hagelin, and spoken in the language of science.  Scientific language is the language of the science, and it is used to project the transcendental, self-referral, eternally quiet value [1].  [It] is expressed by Dr. Hagelin as joy, to his students, and the students have to do the effect of it.  They'll produce the national consciousness of America on a high level of invincibility. A few more [students] at a high level and then [we'll have] the total invincible national consciousness of the USA.
 And they are establishing a university where all the universities of the world will sooner or later become the branches of this university, and everyone in our world will be enlightened.  That is the will of Dr. Hagelin to the world, and that exemplifies something that was unimaginable before.  All the countries [make a] big, big fuss over the management of the government in this and this, it's a huge thing, but no government has succeeded in having this true nature of life lived by its
 Here is one big leader of the world who says 'Now you are cosmic in nature and you have to live in a cosmic house.'  He has a house that is in conformity with all the laws of nature.  We have to give them [all the countries] an economy that is endless; we have to give them a politics that is based on unified politics...

 So unity is being substantiated -  the classified value of unity is being substantiated; one is many, and each of the many is made of one... That is an infinity [1] made of points [3], and point made of infinity. These are the two areas of vedic science: vyakaran (expansion) [toward   1], and nirukta (the contraction part of it) [toward 3].  Vyakaran and  nirukta both together constitute the totality of a point, and the totality of a point is the totality of the veda [2].  That is Jyotish.  Jyotish, all-
 knowingness here, all-knowingness, and all capability of right action. It's a huge outburst of Total Knowledge that fortunately Dr. Hagelin  has been receiving from the Vedic Tradition of Masters.  Knowingly,  knowingly he brought himself up to know what he knows.  Then he saw he knows the reality and he started to give reality to his students, like that. And his students are rising up, with leaps and bounds higher up and  higher up, and higher up.  With the joy of being in university in any class, they don't know anything about reality.  A few weeks, a few months, a   few years in this university, they are [rising] from earth to heaven.  High
 bounds of reality, high bounds of reality.
 This is the leadership that we want to have laid out in every country, for all the countries will have branches of this Maharishi Central University, Maharishi Central University.  Universities are everywhere; globally, each country has its own universities.  Now this will be the central university for all the universities, because each university around the country has its speciality, and this Central University will have a speciality central to all the universities.  This will be a  union of all the universities.  Whatever all the universities are speaking in any country, every student of this will get Total Knowledge.  That will be great liberal contribution of Dr. Hagelin, genius as a scientist for the future of the world. All bliss consciousness for the world.
 So today it is very good that everyone has joined the celebration of  Dr. Hagelin, and Prime Minister [Dr. Bevan Morris], start from today to fix up the monument [the Tower of Invincibility, in memory of the  Invincible America Assembly and its leader, Dr. Hagelin] and fix up the monument  by Guru Purnima*; that will be the best day to offer to Guru Dev in eternal memory of his blessings.  All the future of mankind is made in  happiness in invincibility.
 All Glory to Guru Dev**.  We've got this great thing to offer to Guru Dev, 'tvadiyam vastu Govinda tubhyam eva samarpaye'.  We offer to Guru Dev everything that we receive from him.
 So, Dr. Hagelin, there is a great deal for your to do in the world, but on the level of your balance - many hours morning and evening [practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Siddhi Program] - you will do  the whole thing with such ease and comfort, with which you have received  it. Enjoy the glory of Guru Dev and bless the world.
 Jai Guru Dev
 * Guru Purnima: the full moon in July/August, which is dedicated to
    the fullness of Total Knowledge, the fullness of the Guru.
 ** Guru Dev, His Divinity Swami Brahmaananda Saraswati, Shankaracharya
     of Jyotir Math, Himalayas, Maharishi's Master.