Nutritional Breakthrough
A Doctor's Perspective

Author Unknown

Dr. Alsleben has been a medical practitioner for the past 38 years. For 26 of those years his focus has been on Preventive, Wholistic and Alternative Medicine. He has created 6 preventive medical clinics in five states here in the United States as well as a number of holistic hospitals in several foreign countries. These establishments have treated over 65,000 patients, with special emphasis being focused on cancer, arthritis, arteriosclerosis, weight control, body reshaping, heart attack and stroke rehabilitation and prevention, and multiple sclerosis. For the past 15 years, Dr. Alsleben has devoted much of his time in the research and development of neuro-immunologic techniques with special emphasis in immune deficiency disorders. The following is an excerpt from one of his most recent publications.
There is a new nutritional biochemical breakthrough that is the most astonishing nutritional advance in history. It is the discovery that cells and chemical reactions within the body communicate information with each other through the media of glycoprotein molecules which might be called "messenger" molecules. At the present time there are at least eight known nutrients which build these messenger molecules that are obtained primarily from the foods we eat However, modern food processing, which includes growing foods on mineral deficient soils, harvesting foods before they are ripe, contaminating foods and soils with poisons, and processing the foods with chemicals and excessive temperatures, diminishes or eliminates some or all of the " essential" carbohydrate molecules we so desperately
need for our bodies to perform properly.
Here are some of the consequences of not having an adequate daily supply of these nutrients:
1. All the foods and supplemental nutrients that come into our bodies require these 8 Essential Carbohydrate nutrients for proper absorption, transport and utilization at the cell level. Without an adequate daily supply, the foods and nutrients you ingest may not be as useful to you as you hope they are.
2. Cells cannot perform the chemical reactions programmed by the genetic code instructions contained within every cell if these messenger-molecules are deficient or absent. Inadequate, incomplete or defective cellular instructions could mean that the cells will function below their design capacity leading to malfunction of growth, repair, defense, and detoxification. Cellular malfunctions can lead to the creation of numerous disease processes.
3. All biochemical reactions within the body, from buildup and utilization of carbohydrate, protein and fat (lipid) molecular structures, the utilization of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones and amino acids, could be diminished, defective or non-existent, which could result in major alterations of body chemistry, the cause of diseases and delayed healing*
4. The function of the immune system is directly related to the presence of adequate Essential Carbohydrates, most of which come directly from our daily dietary intake. A deficiency of the "Nutrients for Nutrients" can lead to a severely compromised immune function. With the enormous increased exposure and risk of infection in our modem life, infections from bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi and parasites, our likelihood of damage increases by the minute unless our immune systems are operating at peak performance.
5. Metabolic malfunctions leading to energy reduction and overweight problems have been directly related to the daily intake of these 8 Essential Carbohydrates.

These 8 Essential Carbohydrates are sugar molecules that are not used for heat-energy production, but rather for the creation of sugar-protein (glycoprotein) messenger molecules. They are:
1. N-acetylneuraminic acid
2- N-acetylgalatosamine
3- N-acetylglucosamine
4. Mannose
5. Fucose
6. Xylose
7 Galactose
8- Glucose
Although these nutrients have been known by science for a long time it is only recently that their Full significance and importance in cell function and communication has been appreciated. The new exploding field of glycobiology is taking the worlds of nutrition and medicine by storm. So much so as to say that what we thought were diseases are really complex malfunctions at the cell and biochemical levels of the body. Reduce the malfunctions and the diseases can disappear and new and greater health can blossom.
Dr. Alsleben goes on to say: “During my 38 years as a physician, of which 26 years have been as a preventive medicine specialist, I have had the opportunity to personally treat patients with all manner of severe degenerative diseases with everything that medicine and nutrition had to offer. In the last six months of my personal experience, researching these 8 Essential Carbohydrates, attending scientific conferences and interviewing people with the most devastating, non-treatable diseases who have taken the new supplements containing the 8 Essential Carbohydrates. I have observed benefits that were and still are absolutely not achievable by any medical or nutritional approach currently known.
When I interview people whose untreatable paralytic disorders like Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Multiple Sclerosis are turned around in weeks by just adding the 8 Essential Carbohydrates to then-daily diet, when I see arthritics who have suffered for years with pain and immobility turn around in weeks by just adding the 8 Essential Carbohydrates to their daily diet; when I see children with cancers and hereditary disorders turn around in just weeks by simply adding the 8 Essential Carbohydrates to their daily diet, I am astonished!
Finally, there is real hope and progress, not only for people who are desperately ill, but also for everyone desiring improved health and performance as well as a reduced risk of disease,"