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3.  Title

Reduction of Metastases of Lewis Lung Carcinoma by an Ayurvedic Food Supplement [MAK-4] in Mice


Nutrition Research, Vol. 12, pp. 31-61, 1992.


Vimal K. Patel, PhD,* J. Wang, PhD,* R.N. Shen, MD,* H.M. Sharma, MD,***** and Z. Brahmi, PhD*

Conducted at

* Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN 46202

**The Ohio State University, College of Medicine, Columbus, OH 43210


This study investigated the effect of oral feeding of an Ayurvedic rasayana (health-promoting/therapeutic herbal preparation) called Maharishi Arnrit

Kalash-4 (MAK-4) on metastasis of Lewis Lung Carcinoma (LLC) in mice.  After 4-3 weeks, the animals receiving the MAK-4-supplemented chow had a 65% reduction (p<0.01) in the number of metastatic nodules, and a 43% reduction (p<0.01) in the size of the nodules, compared to the control group.