Hello Everyone,   6-22-09
This email is being sent to all of those who have attended or inquired about the Raju Family Panchakarma clinic in Hyderabad, India. Below you will find currently information about room availability, PK costs and other information.

As you may know we are currently closed for the hot season and officially open the 1st of July. We are taking bookings now for the 2009 -2010 PK season that will end in April 2010.

At the time, we have more PK (panchakarma) prebookings than at any time since the clinic opened 5 years ago, especially for ladies. If you have been thinking to come for PK please make your plans now to insure you can have PK at your preferred time.

The availability is listed below current as of 20 June 2009. If the month is not listed, it means there are 3 or more spaces remaining for both males and females. The number after male or female indicates how many PK slots are open. If (Pending) is listed after the number, it means this is the number of slots available if all the reservations in process are completed.

If you wish to come during a particular month that is listed as full, email us anyway and we will put you on a waiting list. There is always a chance that a schedule change will occur and open a PK slot for you.

Scheduling can change quickly, especially with group bookings. Always check with us to confirm the dates you want are still available and have us block the time for you before purchasing an air ticket.

After 15th :
Male - 2 spaces (pending)
female - 2 spaces (pending)
First half of July has lots of space.

First 11 days of August:
Male - 2 spaces
female - 1 space
After 11th lots of space.

First 10 days of September:
Male - 5 spaces
female - 1 space (pending)
After September 10th lots of space

Male - 4 spaces
female - Full - 1 female on waiting list

After 15th :
Male - 4 spaces (pending)
female full (pending)
First half of November has lots of space.

First 7 days of December:
Male - 5 spaces
female - 1 space (pending)
After Dec. 7th lots of space

Jan., 2010
Male - 6 spaces
female Full (pending)

We have received recent emails asking for information about Marharishji's (Maharish Mahesh Yogi) mahasamdhi ceremony. Some of you want to attend and have PK before or afterward the ceremony.

Sorry we do not have any information about this other then to say that last year Maharishji's family did say there would be a public ceremony this year in Allahabad, India. Please keep in mind the ceremony dates will be based on Jyotish calculations and not on the western calender. So if it happens, it should be at the end of Jan. or beginning of Feb. If you have any firm information about Marharishji's mahasamdhi ceremony dates, please advise.

Others have emailed asking about whether it is good to prepay for PK as the Rupee has strengthen against many currencies. For example the Euro is down to around 66 67 from a high of over 69 on 21 March. The USD bought over 52 Rupees on March 7th, but now is down to around 47 - 48.

We cannot advise you on prepaying but only suggest you watch the exchange rates for your currency and make your own decisions. Web sites are good for this purpose are: http://www.xe.com and http://www.exchange-rates.org Please note that these show the bank-to-bank rates - you will get a bit less but it will give the approximate exchange rate you can expect.

Some changes have been made since last year. Below find the updated general information and prices for the July 2009 - April 2010 PK season.

PK cost is 4,800 Rupees per day (includes A/C room, food, basic herbs taken as a part of the treatment and basic treatments). All are private rooms and includes maid services. Our prices are in Indian Rupees per day. To get some idea of the exchange rate for your currency, check this web site: http://www.xe.com

- Single room with PK treatment - 4,800
- Single room for rest days before/after PK (patients only) - 1,200*
- Banana Treatment (special ladies treatment given during menstrual cycle) free of charge but 1,200 for room, food and maid services.
- Special treatments may be an option depending on an individual's health condition. These treatments vary widely in cost and time required, etc. Details will be discussed with each patient before these any optional treatments are given. Two of the more common special treatments are for thyroid disorders and arthritis.
- If Pulse Vibration is offered, each patient must pay for the cost of the flower garlands, fruits and flowers used. Cost for these should be less than $2 USD per session.
- Post PK treatment herbs for a minimum of three months are strongly recommended to integrate and enhance the benefits of the panchakarma. Ideally you should take a supply that will be enough until your next PK. Some herbs are very costly so the total depends on the herbs that are prescribed for you to determine the cost. To give some idea, the usual range is from 2,500 to 12,000 Rupees per month.

*Please note that patients may book up to 3 days of rest time after their panchakarma treatments. This is a change from previous policy to help patients integrate the benefits of the treatments.

IMPORTANT: If you choose to book rest days you may be asked to change your room to accommodate patients who are actively having PK treatments. Rest day patients do not have priority regarding rooms unless there are health issues involved.

To reserve a PK, we need:
1.) firm PK start and finish dates
2.) a deposit of 33,600 Rupees for each patient or full payment if PK is for 16 days or less
3.) an air ticket itinerary airline name, flt#, arrival/departure time and dates so we can know when the room should be available for your arrival and for others after you depart
4.) time and date of departure (for those not departing by air)

*The travel itinerary is required to reserve a PK slot because you may book your PK but if you wait until later to book the flight or other transportation you may discover you cannot get a seat for the PK dates you were planning. If the PK slot before and after you has been booked then obviously there is a problem to change your treatment dates.

If you want to book and purchase the air ticket later, then full payment for the treatment is required. If you are interested in this option, email us for additional details.

In order to keep this mail from getting any longer, additional information regarding the deposit and other information will be emailed separately on request.

Hope to see you in Hyderabad,
The Raju Family Clinic