Jeff Kaplan, RN

The most common foods MSG is found in are commercial canned soups, and salad dressings, boullion, chips and snack foods of all kinds, and ALL fast food restaurant food, including places like Applebees, and Chilis.  One of the absolute worst places is KFC. This according to Russell Blaylock, M.D. and author of "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills".

Here are a few names of "ingredients" that contain msg:
monosodium glutamate
Soy protein isolate
hydrolyzed vegetable protein
hydrolyzed protein
yeast nutrient
torula yeast
textured protein
modified food starch
natural flavoring
yeast extract
autolyzed yeast protein
vegetable glycerin
natural beef flavoring
whey protein isolate
whey protein concentrate
natural flavors
natural pork flavoring
citric acid
malt extract
malt flavoring
soy sauce
soy protein
soy protein concentrate
"fermented" anything
"protein fortified" anything
natural chicken flavoring
flavors, flavorings
soy sauce extract
barley malt
enzyme anything

Look for the words, autolyzed, hydrolyzed, glutamate, glutamic acid, or
phrases such as "pea protein", "whey protein", "corn protein", etc.
If a pea for example was a whole pea, it would simply be labeled as a pea.
Calling an ingrediant "pea protein" indicates that it was hydrolyzed, at least
in part, so that glutamic acid is freed up. Glutamic acid is the excitotoxin,
just as aspartic acid in aspartame is the excitotoxin, which destroys neurons.
The consequence of this may result in any type of neurological "disease", or
seizures, or cluster headaches, or migraine headaches.

According to Russell Blaylock, isolated proteins are harmful. Just as the
body best uses nutrients from whole food, and can become imbalanced from taking
fractionated, or isolated vitamins, this also applies to amino acids. We must
take in our amino acids in their whole form-protein, or in the form that they
are naturally occurring- in fruits and vegetables, nuts, and legumes.

Many vaccines also contain msg. This may be one reason why autism is
skyrocketing. It may not be all due to mercury!
According to Dr. Blaylock, excitotoxins kill neurons on the avg of one hour
after ingestion.

For further information, you can go to:

My first inkling of msg toxicity, is that splitting headache, that hits me at
night, when I do get it- where it has gotten so bad, that it has woken me up.
That hasn't happened very often, but when it does, it stimulates my male brain
into wanting to go after the food company and punch somebody's lights out.
Since I can't do that, the reality is, I just get very angry. Then I tone my
self down to annoyance. Before I get angry, and annoyed, I first go back and
think about what I ate that day. Every single time, I remember what it was,
"Ah-HA! It was that lousy, rotten salad dressing I had at that restaurant!"

To summarize this, I looked in our pantry, and found these foods:
Newman's Own, Light Italian Dressing. One of the ingrediants listed: Natural
Classico Fire Roasted Tomato and Garlic Sauce: Spices, Citric acid
Hunt's Garlic and Herb Classic Italian Spaghetti Sauce: citric acid, spices,
natural flavor
Imagine Organic Beef Flavored Cooking Stock: The words on the label, ought to
give this away (beef flavored, and stock): Ingrediants listed include beef
extract, and natural flavors.

Well, don't blame me for buying these foods, because my wife bought the stuff.
She didn't do it on purpose though, I understand. However, not to let myself
off the hook, I purchased some "organic cat food" at the health food store, with
the following ingrediant listed: malted barley, vegetable glycerin, and natural
flavors. I didn't read the label, so shame on me!

Maybe that is why our cat didn't like it!
Anyway, I hope this helps anybody stay away from msg. Its not just found in
Chinese restaurants. Its everywhere. We can avoid it though. We just have to
have our minds turned on, when shopping, or eating out.

It seems that anymore, its like walking through a minefield, when it comes to
trying to avoid poisons in our food. Then having to answer our critics who
complain of our fanaticism.