The Monday Morning Heart Attack

Monday mornings have always been synonymous with the drudgery of
starting another work week. Now there appears to be yet another reason
to dread Monday mornings. More people have heart attacks on Mondays
than any other day of the week. At first it might sound farfetched, but
a 10-year Scottish study found that about 20% more people die from
heart attacks on Mondays than on other days. Scientists have long seen
a possible link between binge drinking, which is more likely to occur
on the weekends, and sudden fatal heart attacks. The researchers
theorize that weekend drinking and socializing, coupled with the stress
of returning to work, is too much for some people to handle.
Keeps this in mind if you ever find yourself saying that you "live for
the weekend." While that may be true, what about the other five days of
the week? If you look at work as a horrible prison, you are going to
spend the majority of your days feeling miserable. Spending your time
anticipating the weekend, feeling free for only two days, and then
feeling panic at the thought of returning to work is a never-ending
cycle that will not only make your life unfulfilling, but may also lead
to heart attacks. People who are generally happy and calm have fewer
heart attacks then unhappy, stressed individuals.