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Volume VII Issue 2                                                                                                                 March 2015 

Health and Science in the News



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The Angel of the Waters, found in Central Park, NYC is symbolic of the healing effects of water. This is true in the West as in the East, now and into the ancient past.

In This Issue Health in the News and More....

1 General News –

2 Folk Medicine -- Some shorts from The People's Pharmacy

3 Scientific Studies—

4 Book Corner

5 New / Unusual Links: 


General News:  

GMO petition  > 59m signatures   

Jeffrey Smith interview on GMO   

What a Pill Can Do  (a little old but significant) 

More on tiny pills    

New antibiotic discovered  

Whole grain diet = live longer  

High fructose corn syrup = live less  

Walking and health 

WIFI dangerous to children 

French law regulates WIFI 

Dietary  Supplement Scandal 

Autism information 

Edible park  

FDA Issues alert on muscle-growth drug 


Folk Medicine:


Cranberries for cystitis     

Cornmeal foot soaks for fungus 


Scientific Studies: 




Book Corner --- 

Individual Reference File of Extracts from the Edgar Cayce Readings


It seems  ironic that a 20th century psychic would describe medical conditions as if he were a medical doctor and had read ancient Ayurvedic texts to boot. Ayurvedists are fond of describing headaches  as studied under the classification of gastroenterology as opposed to neurology for allopaths.  A quote from one client’s reading goes thusly:  “...Most of these (migraines), as in this case, begin with congestions in t he colon. These [congestions] cause toxic conditions to make pressures on the sympathetic nerve centers and on the cerebrospinal system. And these pressures  cause the violent   headaches and,  almost irrational activities at times. These, as we find, should respond to colonic irrigations....”  To read more general recommendations by Cayce click here.



Important/unusual URLS


Mercury amalgams    

Discussion on Brain 




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