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                            Volume VII Issue 3                                                                                             May 2015 

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nuts good for health--

EPA considering limits on GMO corn seed  

vegetarian diet and canceer   

Roundup classified as probable carcinogen by WHO  http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2015/03/20/roundup-probable-carcinogen-report-sa ys/25115481/ 

Monsanto and glyphosate-cancer connection 35 years old 

collecting water from the air 


Folk Medicine--

soap for restless leg syndrome, arthritis, etc:  

Vitamin D3 for psoriasis: 

diet drinks daily correlates with increased belly fat:   

Vitamin D3 for vertigo: 

Eply  maneuver for BPP vertigo 

Benefits of castor oil    

Vitatmin D and prostate cancer   

mustard orally for leg cramps at night    

raw beet juice lowers blood pressure  



Quoting the Classical Texts--Caraka Su. XXV.37-39 best and worst of wholesome or unwholesome foods

"The items of diet which are mostly used and are materially wholesome or unwholesome to majority of the people are mentioned hereafter as they are. Red shali rice is the best wholesome among the awned cereals (a bristle-like appendage of a plant, especially on the glumes of grasses. 2. such appendages collectively, as those forming the beard of wheat, barley, etc.), green gram (whole mung dal) among the pulses/legumes, rain water among the various types of water, rock salt (mineral salt) among salts, jivanti (probably Holostemma ada-kodien Schultes)  among the pot herbs, meat of antelope among animals meats, common quail among the bird meats, iguana among meat of animals living in holes, rohini among fish, cow ghee among ghees, cow milk among the milks, sesame oil among the vegetable oils, lard among the fats of marshy animals, fat of culuki among the fish fats, fat of swan among fats of aquatic animals, fat of cock among fats of gallinaceous birds ( heavy-bodied largely terrestrial birds including the pheasants, turkeys, grouse, and the common domestic chicken), fat of goat among the fats of plant-eating animals, ginger among tubers, grapes among fruits, sugar among the products of sugarcane. Thus the substances of diet which are naturally wholesome are explained according to importance."


"Further I shall explain the worst among the unwholesome ones:  Yavaka (barley) is the most unwholesome among the awned cereals, black gram (whole urad dal) among the pulses/legumes, river water during rainy season among the various types of water, ushara among the salts, mustard among the pot herbs, beef among the animal meats, young dove among the birds, from among the animals living in holes, cilacima among fish, sheep ghee among ghees, sheep milk among milks, kusambha among the fats of aquatic animals, fat  of cataka (sparrow) among the fats of gallinaceous birds, fat of elephant among the fats of plant eating animals, likuca ( money jack tree?) among fruits, aluka (elephant root yam) among tubers, phanita among the sugarcane  products. Thus the prominent ones among naturally unwholesome food substances are explained. Thus the food substances are explained according to wholesome and unwholesome items. "


Book Corner

One common dietary suggestion for clients is a weekly liquid fast regimen.  "liquid fast" here mans a meal such as a soup or vegetable / fruit smoothie which has a light effect on digestion and which also gives nutrition. When done properly this guideline helps rebuild over-worked digestive and eliminative systems.  For this purpose I read a few books for ideas. I recommend John Heinerman's Encyclopedia of Healing Juices. It is about fruit and vegetable juicing for better health and has tips on prevention as well as on remediation. It is indexed by plant name and by health issue. He an advocate of careful food combining and for whole plant juicing--pulp plus juice. Click here for the article. There are numerous other works on this topic but some include herbs with the fruit and vegetables. Have a look:

Heinerman, John, Encyclopedia of Healing Juices,  Penguin Group, NY, 1994

Heinerman, John, Heinermann's Encyclopedia of Juices, Teas, and Tonics, Prentice Hall, NJ. , 1999

Meyerowitz, Steve, Power Juices Super Drinks, Kennsington Books, NY, 2001

Jensen, Bernard, Blending Magic, 1970  Click here for Notes from book


New Book on GMO:  altered genes twisted truth  

Books Published by the Indian Council of Medical Research   



Links of Interest

Video on plastic in oceans         some data points: 

cancer detoxification  




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