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                            Volume VII Issue 4                                                                                            July 2015 

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Monsanto in Argentina 

Chipotle Mexican Grill eliminating GMO 

Panera dropping 150 food additives 

GMO potato and apple 

More on GMO--Jeffrey Smith  ,

New Research Hopes to Conquer Food Allergies  science.kqed.org/quest/2012/05/07/new-research-to-conquer-food-allergies/  

McDonald's food and the microbiome  

Nevada Legislation AB295 to protect access to holistic medical practices 

FDA moves to combat superbugs  


Folk Medicine--

garlic for UTI 

grapefruit-drug interactions  

ginger and GERD medications  

bitter melon and blood sugar  

Vitamin B3 protects againstt skin cancers 


Quoting the Classical Texts--Caraka Su. XXV.40.1-40.88 (excerpts from the 156 items listed):

Here after I will describe the entities  prominent among drugs, f actor and diet that are used for various actions; such as food is the best among life-sustaining factors, water among the soothing ones, wine among fatigue-alleviating one, milk among the invigorating, meat among bulk-promoting/nourishing, meat soup among saturating/refreshing, salt among those producing relish in food, sour among cordials/having good taste, meat of cock among tonics/strength-promoting, honey among those alleviating kapha and pitta, ghee alleviating vata and pitta, emesis eliminating kapha, purgation eliminating pitta, enema eliminating vata, fomentation for bring softness to the body, exercise among stabilizers/bringing firmness, alkalies among promoters of impotency/virility, ghee from sheep milk bad effect on heart; goat milk being wholesome and best among galactagogues, hemostatics and those alleviating phthisis/consumption/tuberculosis and raktapitta and internal hemorrhage; sheep milk among aggravators of kapha and pitta, buffalo milk among those inducing sleep, incomplete making of curd among the channel-blocking, barley among those increasing fecal bulk, sugar cane producing diuretic effect, horse gram among those producing acid gastritis (amlapitta), madanaphala among those   used for emesis, uncting and decoction enema, trivrt among simple purgatives, aragvadha among laxatives, latex of snuhi among drastic purgatives, apamarga among head-evacuatives, vidanga among anthelmintics, amalaki among rejuvenatives, haritaki among those wholesome for channels, castor root  among those producing virility and alleviating vata, pippali root among those promoting digestion, carmination, and relieving constipation; musta among astringents, digestives, and carmination; guduci among astringents, promoting digestion, and alleviating vata, kapha, constipation and rakta; bilva  among astringents, promoting digestion, alleviating vata and kapha; kutaja among astringents, alleviators of kapha, pitta, and rakta; bala among astringents, tonics and vata-alleviators; gokshura among those alleviating dysuria and vata; regular intake of buttermilk/yogurt (takram) is best among those alleviating grahani-dosha (sprue), edema, piles/hemorrhoids, and complications of oleation (ghee) improperly administered; regular use of meat of carnivorous animals among those alleviating grahani-dosha, TB, and piles; regular use of ghee from milk among rasayanas/rejuvenators; regular use of ghee and grain flour inn equal parts among the aphrodisiacs and alleviating udavartas / mis-peristalsis; regular gargling (gandusha/kavala) among those producing strength in teeth and relish for food; application of sandalwood paste among refrigerants and those removing bad smell; licorice root among those promoting eyesight, virility, and those beneficial for hair, throat, complexion, pigmentation, and healing; fresh air giving life and consciousness; fire/heat among those alleviating ama, stiffness, cold, pain, and shivering; water among those checking/astringent (sweats and other discharges); over-eating among those causing ama; intake of food according to power of digestion among those stimulating digestion; wholesome diet and routine among those to be followed/worth adopting; timely eating among those maintaining health; satisfaction among the qualities of food; suppression of urges among those causing illness;



Book Corner -- Beyond Basic Health by Bernard Jensen

This book details the principles of iridology, its beginnings in Europe, its development through his own experience, and its practical applications. Jensen is convinced of the validity and utility of this art/science. It doesn't replace other diagnostic tools and it doesn't, itself, yield a diagnosis of allopathic disease, but it does yield insights to weaknesses, toxic accumulations, inflammations, and tissues / organs not performing up to snuff. Initially observers of human and animal eyes noted changes in features of the eyes following injury. Gradually it came to be understood that the eyes contain a reflexive mapping of processes in the body, as a whole. Jensen has coupled this analytic tool with universal principles of health to make iridology a valuable medical tool. Avoidance / removal of the cause, cleansing the body, and employing good nutrition are the basis of the drugless healing modality. There are many parallels to our ancient science--Ayurveda....enjoy!  My notes of the book available on request--subscribers only.


Other books of Interest

The Ringing Cedars Series First volume titled Anastasia available online. Roots of Ayurveda in Russia?



Links of Interest

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pre-vedic India

the history of washing hands in medical practice  

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