Indian name: Urad dal

Source: Partap Chauhan Jiva Newsletter

Ayurvedic Properties of Urad dal:

Quality: Unctuous and Heavy

Taste: Sweet

Potency: Warm

Post-digestive effect: Sweet

Medicinal Properties of Urad dal:
It is a very good aphrodisiac, increases reproductive fluid, gives strength to the body, increases lactation, and serves as an effective laxative. Most of the digested dal is converted into stool. So this dal is effective in purisha kshya, a state in which stool is not formed properly. It helps produce stools of good texture, volume, and weight that are soft, flexible and easy to pass.

Dosha Analysis:
It increases pitta and kapha dosha, while pacifies vata dosha. Since this dal is very difficult to digest, ginger, garlic and spices like asafetida are added to make it more digestible.