Milk Cream (Malai)  source: Partap Chauhan Newsletter:  Jiva June2009


Indian name: Malai Milk Cream (Malai)
Properties of cream
Taste: Madhur (sweet)
Quality: Guru (heavy) and vistambhi (heavy) 
Potency: Sheet (cold)
Post-digestive effect: Madhur (sweet)

Medicinal properties of cream
It acts as rasayana (rejuvenating agent) and strengthens the body, if taken moderately. In small quantities, it is good for hyperacidity. It is a good lubricant and makes the skin glow. It is used externally for skin care and massage. In excessive quantities, it blocks the channels and increases fat. It can also cause indigestion to people who have low digestive fire.

Dosha analysis of cream
It increases kapha dosha and alleviates pitta and vata. It is good for thin and weak people. They can take cream along with some raw sugar.


  • Fresh milk, 2 liters.
  • The quantity can be varied according to the amount of cream
  • equired. About 50 grams of cream can be extracted from 2 liters of fresh, good-quality milk.

Bring the milk to boil and then simmer. Repeat this three times. Cool to room temperature. Refrigerate for four to five hours. Skim off all the cream that has floated to the top. The remaining fat-free milk can be used for drinking.