Medicated Creamy Yoghurt
Indian Name: Sanskarik Dahi (Source: Partap Chauhan Jiva Newsletter 8/2011)

Ayurvedic Properties of Dahi:
Taste: Madhur (sweet) for freshly prepared dahi, Amal (sour) if kept for
more than three hours
Quality: Guru (heavy), Snigdh (unctuous)
Potency: Ushna (warm)
Post-digestive Effect: Amal

Medicinal properties of Dahi:
Freshly prepared dahi is sweet in nature, but if you keep it for a few hours, its nature becomes acidic. It is
deepan, (which increases digestive fire), grahi (which stops bowel movements), balya (which gives
strength), and bhringan (which nourishes all body tissues).
Dahi is useful for people suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, diarrhea, fever and general debility. If
taken in excessive amount, it can cause edema, skin diseases, bleeding disorders and jaundice.

Dosha Analysis:
Dahi is Abhishaynadi, Vata Shamak (pacifies Vata), and increases Kapha and Pitta. The use of spices makes dahi anti-Kapha and thus usable by people with a Kapha dominance.

Whole regular milk: 1 Quart
Dried whole milk: 2 tablespoons
Cream: 1 spoon
Starter Culture: cup
Stir in dried whole milk. Heat it in a pan for a few minutes.
Add starter culture and mix well.
Add cream and incubate in a warm place for about six hours.
Cool it in the refrigerator for about two hours before using. You should have a perfect batch of Dahi.
While eating, add black salt, normal salt, coriander (dhania) powder, roasted cumin (jeera) powder,
dry mango (amchur) powder, mint (pudina) powder, black pepper, fenugreek (methi) powder and
asafoetida (hing).