Mango Lassi (Smoothie) Source: Dr. Shekhar Annambhotla

1 cup yogurt
2 cups water
1 fresh, ripe mango, diced* (1 mango should be enough, but if it seems rather small, use 2)
1 teaspoon Rasayana (Rejuvenation) Spice mixture (A combination of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, fennel, nutmeg, and saffron)
sugar to taste
fresh mint leaves as garnish (optional)

Blend yogurt, water, mango, sugar, and spice blend in a blender until well blended. Pour into glasses and garnish with mint. Serve as a cool shake.

Benefits: Enhances immunity, strength, Ojas, and muscles; balances tridoshas.

*Mango-cutting Tip: Wash the unpeeled mango. Slice each side of the mango along the seed to make two halves. Hold one half in your hand with the peel facing down. Score fruit down to peel in tic-tac-toe fashion. Hold scored portion in both hands and bend peel backwards. Cut cubes along peel. Remove the remainder of the fruit from either side of seed.