Digestive Ginger Lemon Tea (Adrak Chai)

Digestive Ginger Lemon Tea (Adrak Chai)

Source: Partap Chauhan / Jiva Newsletter

Indian Name: Adrak Chai

Properties of lemon tea:

Taste: Amal (sour) 

Quality: Laghu (light)

Potency: Ushna (warm)

Post-digestive effect: Amal (sour)

Medicinal Properties of Tulasyadi phanta:
Digestive ginger lemon tea has a special anuloma (anti-flatulence) effect, restoring the proper flow of apana vata. This helps to correct digestive disorders and creates a feeling of comfort in the stomach. It is very effective for flatulence and bloating in the stomach. Sometimes people overeat and lose their appetites for the next meal. In such situations, this drink is very beneficial, as it enhances the digestive fire and restores the appetite.

Dosha Analysis:
This drink pacifies vata and kapha dosha. Pitta persons should not use lemon because of its acidic properties.