Re: Muscular Dystrophy
Posted by: "cm thite" cmthite
Date: Sun Sep 16, 2007 8:57 pm ((PDT))

I have seen a few patients with pseudomuscular dystrophy (which has similar symptoms, but is progressive disease). I know one vaidya here who has tried
pindasveda with some success.

I would try to look for the possible 'causes' for this condition, which may range from genetic (beejadosha) to wrong diet and behavior during pregnancy. My wife had treated a similar case but it was limited to ankle dysplasia and leg muscle weakness which was treated internally by various medicines, but mainly with those to improve asthi-dhatu, and externally with muruvenna tailam. This gave excellent results and now the kid is 4-5 years old and she can now walk (with a limp, but far improved).

In a case like yours, we are certainly dealing with a complicated issue here. Most probably, the 'mamsadhatu' is underdeveloped and is weak. Assuming this as initial working hypothesis, you may use any oil for development of mamsadhatu such as bala tailam for external uses. 'Strength' is a function of asthidhatu, therefore, in my opinion we may use oils mentioned for ashtibhagna (bony fracture) for external application, eg,, lakshadi tailam, Muruvenna tailam, etc. this may be supplemented by asthi-nourishing diet, herbs, and behavior.

If this is developmental, then it means the muscles and ligaments are not formed normally right from the beginning during the pregnancy period. Formation and regeneration of new tissue is said to be function of shukra dhatu and one may think of using medications to improve shukra such as ashvagandha tailam, shatavari tailam, etc. There may be some other aspects to this particular case such as possibility of stanyadosha (impure maternal breast milk), parigarbhic vyadhi (these develop due to ingestion of breast milk of a pregnant mother), etc., which may be taken into consideration before deciding treatment regimen.

Dr Thite