Posted by: "cm thite" cmthite
Date: Sat Apr 25, 2009 12:16 am ((PDT))

Fibroids with pregnancy? Rather tricky situation here. We have successfully treated a few non-pregnant patients with fibroid. Surgery could be avoided with
reduction in size of fibroid with resolution of symptoms. Ages varied from 30 to 55. Mostly pitta vitiation was found. Main symptoms were bleeding (menorrhagia),
and pain. Treatment with Basti really helped. Some say that fibroids are mamsa-dhatu vruddhi. Herbs such as
guggulu can be used to treat mamsa dhatu, but you must watch for pitta (guggulu may increase pitta). Combination of Nimba, patola, triphala, musta, and kutaja
may help as this combination is used to normalize mamsa dhatu.