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    Date: Sun Oct 28, 2007 10:54 pm ((PDT))

Hello Kim Luchau,
Oil basti may help vata obstruction part of this condition.   But I suggest
you may also look for any pitta symptoms.  I have seen pitta predominance in
patients with bacterial infection - not as a rule though.  Child may not be
able to explain typical burning during passing urine (urethritis) or burning
after passing urine (cystitis).  There may be redness of urethral orifice,
and/or other constitutional symptoms, and also history of pitta-provocation

'Gokshur' is of course a herb-of-choice to treat urine symptoms.  Gokshur
helps balance pitta and vata.  Gokshur increases urine output.  This coupled
with 'hima or phanta' of 'dhania and jeera' should take care of the

You can safely give basti of 20-50 cc of warm sesame oil to a 5 year old
[with a pinch of salt added [as you know, oil basti is never given without
salt, i.e., either saindhav or usual sea salt].  I had given 7 oil basties
to a 2-year old child for weight loss due to chronic constipation.  This
almost emaciated child had pellets of stool palpable all over the transverse
colon.  The oil I used was chincha-lavan tail (tamarind pulp +salt boiled
with groundnut oil).  From 3rd day on she started passing the stool
pellets.  Her weight increased gradually after completion of this.  Although
oil basties are normally not to be given more than 3 in succession, this was
a special case because the child was really dried up and her colon muscles
were really weak.

Dr Thite

On 10/28/07, jivani luchau <jivanimark@yahoo.com> wrote:
>   Dear Dr. Thite,
> I so thank you for sharing your experience with the
> four year old mentioned below.
> I had a five year old come into my clinic last week
> who has had recurrent urinary tract infections over
> the past months. Parents are treating her
> allopathically, but a friend of the family who is an
> open-minded pediatrician recommended she see me for
> craniosacral therapy.
> This young girl is squeezing and holding her bladder
> so tight that it did not surprise me she's getting
> infections. She is very fearful. The mother said
> that when she tries to urinate during the day, only
> very small amounts of urine ever pass and this only
> with effort. Also I was told small amounts of urine
> pass throughout the day into her panties. It seems
> like anal suppository could benefit her, but I wantted
> to know more before recommending it to the parents,
> who are not used to anything other than allopathic.
> I recently did three nights of sesame oil basti and
> was amazed at the relaxation and calm I felt in my
> lower body. This was the first time I'd done a series
> of oil basti, so am grateful to have recently had this
> first hand experience. I can then imagine even more
> how this potentially could be useful to this child.
> If anal suppositories would be recommended. Would you
> also suggest warm sesame oil inserted with a sirenge?
> How much oil? I was told to do 150cc for myself as a
> small adult.
> I will be teaching the mother how to do massage on the
> child this coming week, as she very positively
> responded to touch.
> Your expertise and time are very much appreciated.
> Namaste,
> Kim Luchau
> --- cmthite <cmthite@gmail.com <cmthite%40gmail.com>> wrote:
> > I would like to share this experience with you.
> > This is relatively
> > very simple case but I think this would help to
> > explain how we can
> > use Ayurvedic principles to treat different
> > conditions in day-to-day
> > practice.
> >
> > Not exactly perinatal, but this case explains
> > importance of a type of
> > vata called apana vata. Main functions of apana
> > vata are excretion
> > of waste and also childbirth. Normal direction of
> > apana vata is
> > downwards. And therefore modalities such as
> > anuloman (mild
> > purgation), basti, and anal suppository helps
> > regulate the function
> > of apana vata.
> >
> > A 4-year-old girl was brought to me at 8.30 in the
> > evening with the
> > mother telling that she has not passed urine since
> > last 24 hours. She
> > has had diarrhea, fever, and vomiting since 3 days
> > and was treated
> > elsewhere for that with antibiotic and antiemetic.
> > Fever subsided,
> > but she was still throwing up. Diarrhea stopped but
> > she had not
> > passed any stool since the day before I saw her. The
> > parents called
> > the pediatrician who felt the anuria was due to
> > dehydration and that
> > the child may need admission and IV fluids. Although
> > the parents had
> > given her lots and lots of water and other fluids,
> > but no urine
> > still. When I saw the patient, she was alert and
> > playful without any
> > sign of dehydration with little abdominal
> > distention. I asked them to
> > stop all medications, stop pushing water, and I gave
> > her little
> > gokshur and yavakshar every hour to help her
> > urinate. Nothing
> > happened. Suspecting this was due to obstruction of
> > apana vata, at
> > 2.30 a.m. I decided to use anal suppository before
> > giving her any
> > basti treatment. This did the trick. She passed some
> > stool and along
> > with that she passed lot of urine and slept soundly
> > afterwards.
> >
> > I have posted this elsewhere on the internet but I
> > felt I should also
> > share this with you.
> >
> > Dr Thite
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