Nasal Polyps

Runny nose and excessive sneezing are not always caused by commoncold.  These symptoms could be due to some other pathologies.  Nasal polyp is one of them.  Nasal polyps are lesions that emanate from any portion of nasal mucosa or paranasal sinuses.  These are mostly seen in patients with chronic rhinitis or sinusitis.  It is seen that polyps have tendency to recur even if removed surgically.  According to modern sciences, pathophysiology of the polyp is unknown.  

Ayurvedic treatment of chronic rhinitis is based upon the diagnosis according to dosha theory.  Many probable etiological factors should
be taken into consideration.  Most common are excessive water intake,wrong food habits, and repeated exposure to cold/wind/other weather
conditions.  Air conditioning also is not suitable to some individuals.
Internal treatment with certain ayurvedic herbs has been used successfully to treat this condition.  Panchakarma modalities such as
nasya, neti, etc. are sometimes necessary.   'Dahana' treatment also has proved to be of great help in avoiding the recurrence and thus
curing the nasal polyps.  Dahan means cauterizing (burning) the polyp with application of heat.  This can be done in panchakarma clinic and
does not require any anesthesia.  We have seen amazing results with the above treatments.
Dr. Thite