Praval/Godanti Bhasma and drinking oxygen rich spring or mineral water
with a high pH factor, combined with minerals and other elements, can
help provide our body the natural ability to fight off disease.
Praval pishti greatly increases the oxygen level in the body,
thereby allowing the body to rid itself of toxic waste that continues
to build up. That's why when we eat "junk food" or heavy to digest
fat/protein rich non vegetarian food, the body diverts oxygen away
from the primary metabolic functions and works overtime trying to
digest our high caloric intake. That's why when we eat junk food or
large meals we feel sluggish afterwards. Body literally slows down
its metabolism to compensate for the overload. The "pot" bellies,
central obesity, a major factor in developing metabolism related diseases
like CAD, Diabetes, is not due to carb rich foods but tendency to have large
two meals, especially the night meal at late overnight hour and sleep thereafter.

Poor oxygen in cells gives rise to muscle aches, poor digestion,
dizziness, depression, irrational behavior, weakness,
irritability,memory loss, circulation problems and stomach acidity
(Messages # 6242, 6308, 6394) gave
breathing techniques which discussed increasing the lung capacity and
making lung function more efficient, increasing blood circulation so
that the chance of atherosclerosis or arterial plaques are reduced.
Increasing cellular oxygen was also shown to take care of obesity
among many other benefits. The effect of breathing, through
balancing of glands also helps in balancing hormones and taking care
of obesity, as demonstrated by several cases by Baba Ramdev.
Dr. Bhate