Addison's Disease

 For Ayurvedists, it becomes difficult to understand, if one describes disease in terms of mainstream medicine terminology. However, we try to find Ayurvedic equivalent name, or without worrying about name of the disease, start the treatment if we can find what is causing the disease, using Kapha, Vata, Pitta state of the body. Ashtanga Hridaya, a well known ancient text endorses this view.  This author realized after reading the meaning of Addison disease on website:   that he is treating two cases of this disease. Two girls one aged 15 and another 24(on steroidal painkillers), both unmarried, suffering from rheumatism symptoms. swellings on fingers and around knees, fatigue, body pain all over, inadequate development of body which should have occurred after puberty, and most striking was scanty menstrual flow. Treating the case as "Anartav" or hormonal imbalance (less estrogen and growth hormones) caused by autoimmunity, the author started the treatment. Vegetable soups, fruit juices, liver detoxes and hormone balancer medicine from PanchGavya therapy were used. The elder girl's steroids were tapered off in two months, while younger one's body pains, knee pain stopped after two months. For total elimination of body pains, elder girl needed six months treatment. Younger is likely to require one more months treatment. Mainstay treatment here consisted of Liver detoxes followed by Panch Gavya medicines and Guggulu tablets for rheumatism.

The speed of cure really increased by attacking auto-immunity by 1) Liver detoxes coupled with veg+fruit juices 2) Hormone balancer pancha Gavya medicine Nari Sanjivani. (see, Unfortunately, these medicines are available in India only, not exported yet.

 Everyone should undertake liver cleansing in March and September end, near equinox time, for prevention or recovery from chronic disease. Reasons for such diseases are overload of the liver, with 80% probability. Liver is the energy engine of our body. Everyone knows how an automobile runs after engine overhaul. 

Liver cleanse can be carried out in three stages separately or together, depending upon intensity of the problem. These involve flushing the stored toxins out, help of a enzyme rich diet and herbal/antioxidants formulas. A liver/gallbladder flush can be useful to stimulate the flow of bile and soften and eliminate stones from the gallbladder and liver. Such a flush should however, only be performed under the supervision of a healer. The herbal formula for kidney and liver are often compounded to suit each individual. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is very important while on a liver-cleanse because they are high in fiber, water, vitamins and minerals.

Adequate water intake will help to dilute toxins, and fiber will escort them out of the body. Certain vitamins and minerals are needed for first phase detoxification. Few important points need to be noted when taking juices. Some nutrition authorities recommend separating the juices from the fibrous materials before consuming them. This way, much of the nutritional benefit of a large amount of fruit or vegetable may be obtained simply by drinking a glass of juice. We can, of course, drink far more juice than we can comfortably eat whole vegetables. This amounts to engineering the food however. Nature has provided proper cocktail of fiber, sugar, enzymes etc. by removing the fiber, an important part of food is  lost. Unlike cooked food, the nutrients found in juices retain their natural molecule structure, which the body recognizes instantly and puts to work immediately-without a lengthy digestion time. We are ingesting live food that's why we feel better. Let us take a pause here to discuss the health of future generation. Author would especially like to emphasize that these natural courses can be offered to even babies. For instance, raw carrot juice is excellent for babies. It can be mixed with milk and fed as soon as the baby needs a little more than just mother's milk. However, carrot juice can be started only after baby has some teeth out (Why?). Straight carrot juice can be fed to babies after they are weaned; it provides the pro-vitamin beta- carotene as well as minerals and contributes to rich blood and good skin color. There will be no colic, cradle cap or skin rash-reactions often seen in babies given formula. And fresh carrot juice continues to be invaluable to growing children, who will drink the naturally sweet juice when it is sometimes impossible to coax them to eat their vegetables. For adolescents, carrot juice aids the normal development of glands and prevents, or helps overcome acne. The daily dose of enzymes alone, which are not available from cooked foods (because enzymes do not survive heat over 118F or 48C), will make a difference in how we feel. Enzymes act like the catalyst-or spark plugs- for a well functioning metabolism; without them there is no digestion. It is true that the body produces most enzymes on its own, but as we grow older our bodies make less and less digestive enzymes. As we slow down, so too does our digestion. Returning to liver cleanse, an abundant intake of leafy vegetables and sprouts, as well as foods rich in B vitamins (whole grains) and vitamin C (peppers, tomatoes and citrus fruit) will ensure that the first phase detoxification system is working well. Brightly colored fruits and vegetables contain powerful antioxidants that help combat the damaging free radicals generated from toxins and first phase liver detoxification. Juicing these foods can be especially beneficial because in this predigested state, 100% of their food value becomes available to the body. Good vegetables to juice to are beets, spinach, carrots, cabbage and cucumbers. The juices of Beet, Carrot, Potato, Celery are recommended in Breast Cancer Diet. Juices of coriander, mint, watermelon, cranberry are added to obtain kidney cleanse simultaneously. Black berries (Jamun) are especially good for Liver, but require no juicing, can be had straight. Nutrient dense super foods in the form of green drinks are an excellent addition to the daily diet, providing the full spectrum of nutrients in a usable form.

While fried, greasy foods are to be avoided, we want to get plenty of good oils, especially those rich in essential fatty acids. Flax seeds contain some useful fatty acids. Unrefined varieties of sesame and olive oil may be used for cooking, as Indian cow ghee is difficult to get. Fatty acids provide a good help in tackling Vata related neurological problems.

The post is mainly for educational purpose and each person, especially if suffering from chronic diseases mentioned in the post, should carry out liver cleanse under the supervision of nearest Ayurvedic vaidya. Next post in this series, to be posted next week, will address the breathing techniques to enrich the cells with oxygen.

dr bhate