High Fever in 11 month old baby

The baby has been getting fevers over 100 degrees that come and go over the last two weeks. She is not showing any signs of cold/flue. Her doc said that since the fever is very high it's not b/c she may be teething and she  shows no signs of cold/flu.   Doc said that if her fever does not go away he will put her on antibiotics. The baby does not eat/drink anything since she is not feeling well.
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Posted by: "cm thite" cmthite@gmail.com cmthite
Date: Fri Feb 13, 2009 10:11 pm ((PST))

This type of Jvara (fever) should be considered as a separate disease entity (not just a symptom of some other disease). Jvara as a disease is classified further as vishamajvara (fever that comes and goes). Vishamajvara is further classified into 5 types - santata -continuous fever, satata - fever that rises and falls once in 12 hours, anyeduskha - fever that comes and goes (rises and falls) once within 24 hours, trutiyaka - fever comes and goes every other day (fever on 1st day, no fever on second day, again there is fever on third day), and the last is chaturthaka - fever rises on every fourth day (i.e., patient is afebrile for two days in between). Also, any jvara that exceeds the limit of 3 weeks is called as jeerna-jvara. Jvara that is cured, but comes again with same samprapti is called as punaravarti jvara.

Again, dosha combination of individual fever patients can be different. Some may have vata+kapha combination (this is most frequent occurrence). Some may have pitta predominance.  There are different herb combinations for each of these conditions, which give wonderful results.

Ama is a common factor for all jvaras. Therefore, initially for first day of fever, langhana (no food) is advised at least give light diet for the first three days. But when two weeks are elapsed the patient cannot be kept on langhana, and some soupy foods such as rice and moong dal boiled with herbs such as ginger plus little ghee and rock salt can be given.

Usually patients with fever for such long periods have depleted rasa dhatu. Water boiled with a herb called musta is very useful in such conditions.

Dr. Thite