Maharishi Talks on Vedic Pandits, Yagyas & Vedas

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is known around the globe for teaching Transcendental Meditation, the most thoroughly researched and effective technique for self-development. Maharishi also restored the total knowledge and highly effective and practical programs of the Vedic tradition of India, in their purity and totality, so that everyone, everywhere could live the full promise of Vedic life—life in peace, affluence and good health.

In this group of talks, Maharishi discusses the role and importance of Vedic Pandits and the mechanics of how, through their traditional practices, world peace can be achieved. His comments elaborate on a two-fold approach for creating peace.

First, to create a powerful, positive influence on the collective consciousness of the world through large groups of Vedic Pandits practicing Transcendental Meditation and its advanced practices, including Yogic flying (yoga), and

Second, to employ age-old Vedic recitations (yagyas) to radiate a powerful influence of peacefulness and progress.(For an introduction to this two-fold technology, see the video presentation by Dr Bevan Morris.)


Talks by Maharishi


Training Vedic Pandits to Create Harmony in Society (Audio: 10:05 min)

The performance of a yagya stimulates a particular quality of creative intelligence responsible for maintaining harmony in the universe. Calamities will not arise for any nation if collective yagyas are performed for it by large groups of Vedic Pandits who have been trained in this technology of natural law.


Yagyas—powerful Vedic performances arising from the silent level of consciousness of the Vedic Pandits (Audio: 7:26 min)

The Vedic Pandits of India have kept the knowledge of the Veda lively. Through the practice of Transcendental Meditation, the Vedic Pandits enliven their total brain physiology. Through their performance of yagyas, the Vedic Pandits demonstrate the practical benefit of harnessing the silent potential of human consciousness.


Using Collective Yagyas to Prevent the Danger that Has Not Yet Come (Video: 3:31 min) 

It is possible for governments to use yagyas — ‘graha shanti’ from the Vedic Literature — to avert the danger that has not yet come. This is the exalted call of Vedic culture for everyone to remain above the reach of problems.


Specialty of Vedic Pandits (Audio 7:14 min)

The text of the Veda is not man-made; it is the language of eternity. The Veda is the basis of all that there is in the universe. Recitation of the Veda by the Vedic Pandits enlivens Natural Law, the Constitution of the Universe in every point of the Universe.


Vedic Pandits and the Language of Nature (Audio 6:42 min)

Vedic Pandits learn the language of nature, the language of the Unified Field of Natural Law. Vedic Pandits are that class of people who can speak the words from the Veda, the field of transcendental reality, and their performances called yagyas create an influence that prevents problems from arising.


Difference between practicing TM and listening to Vedic recitation (Audio 4:42 min) 

Vedic sound is the sound of Transcendental Consciousness whispering to itself, the sound of memory in the ocean of silence. Transcending during TM is the way of experiencing Transcendental Consciousness. Recitation of the Veda stimulates the Transcendent through the enlivenment of the physiology.


Preventing Misfortune through Vedic Technologies (Audio 3:12 min)

Negative consequences of past actions can be neutralized by specified performances by the Vedic Pandits. This knowledge plus group practice of TM and Yogic Flying will achieve lasting peace for all mankind.


Maharishi Vedic Pandits are Chanting to create World Peace from the center of India


Maharishi Vedic Pandits in Maharishi Vedic City


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