Maharishi on the Different Types of Samadhi

From an audio (No. 7) recorded in Hochgurgelin in 1962  -  (Thanks to Jörg Schenk) 





MAHARISHI:   ...Let me conclude it by telling youyou have seen  Nirvikalpa Samadhi, that Samadhi which is eternal.


Another type of Samadhi which are not eternal, which are impermanent with breaks, two names we have put down:  Anandanugat and Atmikanugat (Asmitanugat) - Ananda that glow and Atmika that pure consciousness. 


Two types of Samadhi, one is Nirvikalpa,  that is eternal, that never breaks and the other is Savikalpa - Savikalpa and Nirvikalpa.  Savikalpa  means that which breaks, sometimes it comes, sometimes it breaks. Nirvikalpa never to break, eternal.


Savikalpa Samadhi is of four types:


- Vitsaranugat (Vicharanugat)

- Vitarkanugat

- Anandanugat

- Atmikanugat (Asmitanugat)


What is Vitsaranugat (Vicharanugat)?  When the mantra begins to be slow and becomes slower and slower, this is Vitsaranugat (Vicharanugat) Samadhi, first state of Samadhi.


Second, Vitarkanugat is that where the mantra ceases to be a specific thought, it becomes only a rhythm. That is Vitarkanugat.


And when that hum, humming sound is also gone and you are left in that glow, that is Anandanugat (Samadhi), the third (type of Samadhi)


And when that glow is also gone and you are left in a state which the speech can not describe, that is (Samadhi), just 'am'ness, 'is'ness, existence pure.


In this meditation you have experienced all these four types of Savikalpa Samadhi and you have begun to grow by degrees in the Nirvikalpa Samadhi...


 ...I will describe to you two types of experience:  one is pure consciousness and the other is bliss consciousness.


The experience of bliss consciousness is Anandanugat  Samadhi.


And that pure consciousness is said to be Atmikanugat (Asmitanugat) Samadhi. Atmi means 'am', pure consciousness. Atmi and Ananda.


 Anandanugat Samadhi, that bliss consciousness. The feeling of that glow and just happiness.


Atmikanugat (Asmitanugat), that is Samadhi that got into Atmika state, state of 'am'.


And when this Atmikanugat (Asmitanugat) Samadhi becomes uninterrupted, it is not broken up by any state of consciousness, whether wakeful, dreaming or deep sleep. When the nature of the mind is pure consciousness all the time during all experiences of wakeful state and dreaming state and deep sleep state, then that Samadhi is called Nirvikalpa Samadhi. That is Cosmic Consciousness.


The word Nirvikalpa means uninterrupted, continuous, unbreakable, eternal, ever lasting.  It is called Jivan Mukti, life eternal, divine life... 


Jaya Guru Deva