...when that great experience, when that absolute bliss becomes the sustained experience of life, desires have no chance to spring up, desires of the relative order.

And it is the desires of the relative order that fascinate the man for this and this. And as long as this fascination to achieve this and achieve this will continue to be, so long will continue the cycle of birth and death. Because if all the desires are not satisfied and this machinery fails to function, that means we have some unfulfilled desires there in the mind, those desires can not be fulfilled through this body because now it is ceasing to function. It doesn't matter if this house is falling down and we have to live in the (...) we erect another house.

So if there are desires and the body is not able to satisfy them because the body is dying out, because it is ceasing out, going out of function, we create a new body just as we built a new house.

So we build a house - the purpose is to fulfill all desires. We build the house, from the childhood we build the house and then go on, gradually experience all those unfulfilled desires of the past life for which we took this body.

This is the theory of Karma. Karma, we did some action and those actions created an impression of their value in the mind and they are the impressions - some time when we have seen this flower and we found it smells very good and when we see the flower now the desire to smell the flower makes the hand touch the flower and smell it. Again the impression of the value goes in the mind, again some flower appeals and again the action is done.

So the action, the experience leaves an impression in the mind, and that mind comes up, rises up as a desire to do the action again. That action is again done. That experience leaves an impression again, again the desire comes up.

As long as the action will leave the impression of the value in the mind, so long will continue the chain of action and impression and desire. As long as the action and impression and desire continue, so long will continue the cycle of birth and death because at the time of death the desire will come up and that desire will lead us to take birth again, get a fresh framework, get a fresh body. Through that body fulfill the desire, that desire again leaves an impression and at the time of death again that impression comes up as a desire - continue the cycle of birth and death as long as will continue the cycle of impression and action and desire.

When through meditation we experience the bliss of the Self, the mind becomes contented. When the mind is contented through the experience of great happiness, all desires are satisfied. There is no chance for any desire to rise up because the sweet taste of a sweet meal which is of a lower degree can not wipe out the impression of the saccharine of the tongue and make it an impression.

So all that which we begin to experience in the world is just like that experience where you pass through the market, you see thousand things but because of that idea reaching quick captivating the mind, everything is experienced but nothing is remembered. That becomes the status. When there is bliss all the time, everything is experienced in the outside world but nothing carried home - gone to the market, everything seen but nothing brought home.

This is the condition when that great experience of the bliss comes to be lived continuously, for all times, day and night, through the wakeful state and dreaming state. All stages of life when it comes pervaded, then the man is said to rise to Cosmic Consciousness....