Steps to Learn Meditation

To begin you need 4 meetings, about 90 minutes each.  So if you arrived on a Friday afternoon you could be done Monday morning, something like that.  Start any day actually. 

How to learn to meditate

The first step in learning Vedic meditation is to attend a free introductory presentation. Without obligation find out how meditation could help you enjoy a better quality of life. Not a religion or cult, affordable and adaptable to one's busy lifestyle.

 Sample Schedule and Course Outline - Learning Meditation is Easy

 Step 1- Private instruction requires about two hours with an instructor, mantra - based instruction in meditation Followed by three consecutive follow-up lessons and one after about two weeks. Course fee, flowers and fruit required. 

Step 2 - Follow-up to instruction, can be group or private defines what will happen if you are practicing meditation in the most correct way. 

Step 3 - Meditation becomes more natural, automatic. Discussion centers around the mind-body changes that occur during meditation. Students learn natural healing techniques to quiet mind and body and how to fine tune the practice with yoga breathing.

 Step 4 - Progress, what to expect from regular meditation, sample Ayurveda lesson to improve health and meditation, introduction to the higher self, growth of inner happiness. Final meditation review.  

Step 5 - After 2 weeks, a review of the basics and clarification of possible mistakes. Here every new student returns to effortless and enjoyable meditation and learns the tools to better self-evaluate and  maintain the essential formula. There will be a step by step demonstration of the most important of all yoga exercises, the Sun Salute, as well as tips on how to keep up with meditation and yoga practice. Follow-up lessons and periodic free tune-ups beyond the course are reviewed in this lesson. Take this lesson as often as you wish. Step 5 can be done on video if you live out of the area.

Our unique structure is an attempt to bring out the holistic knowledge and provide everyone with tools to help them develop. New students might not be planning to continue for life. However we teach you with that in mind. Keep it simple and real.