NST is more than a technique; it is a complete holistic approach to the human being. Some have been able to notice results even in chronic situations such as rheumatism, coccyx algia, T.M.J. problems including tinnitus, chronic asthma, and emotional depression. An added bonus to this wonderful work is that it is very soft and gentle and well appreciated by my patients for this and its deep relaxing benefits.

The actual mechanism is not yet completely understood and all we have are theories. It certainly has a lot to do with spinal reflexes. An NST move affects the muscle stretch and golgi tendon reflexes as well as joint proprioceptors in unique and paradoxical ways. This has the effect of reprogramming tension levels in the effected areas of the body. (This is analogous to rebooting a computer without saving the currently running application.) Tension and inflammation can be lifesaving at the time of an injury but too often they persist long enough to become the problem in themselves. Reverting to an older, happier template at this point is quite appropriate.