Introducing DAMS


DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome) is a grass roots movement dedicated to educating the public about the health hazards associated with the chronic exposure to mercury from silver amalgam dental fillings. Most people who have replaced their amalgams with safe, non-toxic dental materials have experienced reversal or improvement of persistent health problems. Many experienced these life-altering improvements after years of suffering and frustration without ever receiving a valid medical diagnosis or having the cause of their health problem identified.


DAMS has been established to fulfill several vital functions:


1.      To gather accurate information on the health effects of materials used in dental treatment.

2.      To distribute this information to its membership by means of a newsletter.

3.      To encourage scientific research.

4.      To promote dental and health insurance coverage for amalgam replacement and detoxification.

5.      To require that every dental patient be given their constitutional right to FREEDOM OF CHOICE to say NO to mercury/silver amalgam dental fillings for themselves and their loved ones; to promote the publicís RIGHT TO KNOW the potential health hazards and to insure that concerned dentists have the right to inform their patients of this issue.


DAMS is a non-profit 501 (3c) organization working to gain those basic rights. DAMS needs your support in fighting for these rights. Join DAMS today!


Some pertinent facts:

        Mercury fillings contain approximately 50% mercury.

        Mercury is a toxin.

        Mercury vapors are released from filling during chewing, brushing, and bruxism as well as drinking hot liquids.

        Mercury suppresses the immune system.

        Mercury damages the brain, nervous system, thyroid, pituitary, adrenal glands, heart, and lungs as well as hormones and enzymes.

        Mercury must be handled as a hazardous material prior to filling placement and as a hazardous waster afterwards.

        Mercury has 30-70 day half-life for each dose and accumulates in the body.

        Mercury adversely affects every system of the body.

        Mercury toxicity is not accurately reflected by blood and urine tests.


Symptoms relieved or cured by replacing mercury-containing dental filling with non-mercury dental fillings involving 6 studies and 1569 patients:



        Bad temper


        Blood pressure problems

        Chest pains




        Gastrointestinal problems 

        Gum problems

        Headaches including migraines



        Lack of concentration

        Lack of energy

        Memory loss

        Metallic taste

        Multiple sclerosis

        Muscle tremor  


        Numbness anywhere

        Skin disturbances

        Sore throat


        Thyroid problems

        Ulcers & sores in oral cavity

        Urinary problems

        Vision problems


Chart of teeth and disease correlations: