Some Breathing Techniques Taught by a Healer Colleague

Source: Fred Duncan



Sit quietly eyes open, gazing ahead.  Say out- loud three things you see (don't look around for them keep your eyes lightly, relaxed gazing and just notice.) I see . . . . I see . . . .  I see . . .


Then say out loud 3 things you hear. I hear a car driving by . . . .I hear a cat purring . . . I hear my blood in my ears . .


Then say out loud 3 things you feel   "I feel my butt on the chair . . .  I feel a breeze on my neck . . . . I feel my tension in my left knee cap . ..


Then 2 "I sees"  eyes open  2 I hears , and 2 I feels . . . out loud . . .


Then 1,   1   and 1


Then close your eyes and start with three I sees with your eyes closed. again.  Three I hears,  Three I feels.


Go slow and easy and DO NOT USE THE SAME STIMULUS TWICE !!!.


Keep going until you zone out.  Once there feel, tell see yourself doing what it is you want to do, have, be instead of what you don't want to happen.  Future pace it (see feel be in the future 5 days,  two weeks,  a month,  a few months, a year etc . .


Play with it.



2.  Brain wave breathing patterns:


Alpha breathing pattern  4 inhale, 8 hold, 8 exhale,  4 hold,  repeat until desired result.


Beta breathing pattern  4 inhale, 4 hold, 4 exhale, 4 hold


Theta        4, 8, 16, 4


Delta         4, 8, 32, 4  (now don't strain for the 32, you want to be relaxed remember .


Great fast stress/anxiety busters



3.  Gorilla breathing.


Simply pound your chest forcefully while screaming loud and long.  Repeat several times. No "girlie man" screamings. Belt it out. (A high school girl's soccer team I showed this to was much better than any football team I've worked with at belting it out . . ) 


Literally this is what those great apes do to dispel anxiety when squaring off or facing a threat. You can pound with your fists or flat hands but the percussion is really important. I make sure I get my entire ribcage.



4. Butterfly breathing:  Breathing in and out shallowly, very quickly,  through your nose, using your diaphragm (think of a dog sniffing something, like your ear . . .) for 10, 15, 20 seconds or so (whatever is comfortable) then take a deep breath.  Repeat several times.