1b. Re: FW: Lavender Oil May Spur Breasts in Boys
Posted by: "Shirish Bhate" shirishbhate@yahoo.com shirishbhate
Date: Wed May 23, 2007 4:45 am ((PDT))

An interesting noting, this author has three boys with already developed breasts. It is not the essential oil, but the xenoestrogens in chemicals,  water bottles (PET), PCBs etc making this. What is interesting, the  boys have either mother or grandma diabetic. The eldest boy is aged  36, with no desire to marry at all. The classical symptoms of  accumulation of central obesity, triglycerides is attendant with  these changes. Second boy, aged 16, under treatment for central obesity. he  reported groin pain one day, so when checked, amazingly,  ovary/testicles acupressure points were sore. What this means is  that testicles were secreting estrogen more than testosterone! he  was provided medicines which author normally gives when ovaries have  cysts and are inflamed! These two typical examples should suffice. The xeno-hormones (hormone  mimicking chemicals in vehicle fumes, plastics etc) are reducing  testosterone, sperm counts, excess androgens in girls. Hence loss of  libido, menstrual sluggishness, un-ovulatory cycles, scanty flows  are all problems which are certain to reduce the human population,  unless we resort to simple life less dependant on fuel, energy and  resort to natural organic farming.
dr bhate