Dr. Raju on Siddhis, Reversal of Aging, and Memory--Notes from Recent Lecture

Reversal of aging: If you can just reawaken the memory of who and how you were when young and healthy. If you can really feel it, then you will become that age again; your physiology will totally rejuvenate. OK you probably won't be like a baby crawling, but you'll be totally youthful. He said someone's re-experience of childhood was also the basis for so many siddhis, like the one of being in two places at the same time, or seeing and hearing things at any distance, or projecting yourself
anywhere with the speed of light (faster, actually). He said you can develop all the siddhis through memory, because they're all inside you anyway. He said after bastis many people get thoughts and memories from their childhood, which they thought they had forgotten. He said it means the memory of youthfulness is
returning and the memory of aging is going out. He said the whole PK is scientifically designed to reawaken the layers of memory that are stored deep within and to clear out the memories of disease and decay and aging. If you can reawaken the memories from your youth, the feeling of how you were then, then you don't need to ever do PK again; you don't need to take smriti or any herbs; you have the secret to eternal youth.

Vata in the body makes one old. Vata means aging. That's why it's so important to clear out vata thru PK and everything else in Ayurveda. Balanced kapha has all the qualities of ojas. The aim of PK is to create balanced kapha. Imbalanced kapha creates ama, which is the opposite. But it's the memory of vata and dryness that has to be permanently removed. That's why matra bastis are so important, as they lubricate the dryness and re-enliven the unctuous quality of balanced kapha and ojas
in the body. Matra basti not only lubricates but actually enlivens the memory of kapha, ojas, and rejuvenation. If you have some disease or disorder, you have to make it the way it was in the past, before you had it. If you know that state just once, but really know it and feel it, then you can reverse the disease or even get rid of it that very moment.