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2007/03/05 17:29
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World’s largest and very first online encyclopedia on Ayurveda is all set to be officially launched in March 2007. The information on Ayurveda is available on many websites but this site is the only one that shall provide the information in the form of an expansive encyclopedia. The various topics that are covered range right from basic information about Ayurveda to the most advanced techniques used in diagnosis and treatments of various ailments.
The Director of the company Mr. Ramesh Mehta, in an official release to the media stated his intense desire to provide the information about this ancient art of medicine to the masses. He also commented about the need to derive this information from the ancient texts rather than follow the Western interpretations, because after all Ayurveda is the oldest known philosophy of health management. At the same time he stressed the need for a comparative analysis for modern interpretations. He further adds that in his website he has fulfilled this need by taking inputs from Ayurvedic doctors, researchers from various fields, prominent writers and practitioners. All these contributors have been handpicked from all over India and brought together to complete the arduous task of putting together this vast online encyclopedia.

This huge almanac contains information about basics of Ayurveda, various herbs and their attributes, different branches of Ayurveda, accurate information about best lifestyles to be followed, guidelines pertaining to diagnosis of ailments, general health care, well known and even lesser known home remedies, pharmacological information and various types of treatments, ancient methodology of yoga, correct application of massage therapy, diet, and panchakarma. An elaborate glossary is also given for further references. But this list is by no means exhaustive. The company plans to complete about 2000 highly structured pages and add various other topics in the coming month.

The portal also features an exclusive section called “iayurveda”. This is for the benefit of the people who are actively practicing Ayurveda as doctors or are participating in the field in some capacity. The site offers a free webpage to all doctors where their profile and resume can be displayed. They can write articles and submit them online in order to share their knowledge and wisdom with others.

The website also aims at adding more special features for Ayurvedic doctors like providing free consultation worldwide to the site visitors through Free Consultation program.

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