Following is a set of instructions given by Ayurvedic practitioner for chelating body. Interesting.





Chlorella taken 30 minutes before a meal to line the gut (so it catches the metals that the cilantro purges).

Cilantro tincture 10 minutes before a meal to purge and release the metals that are lodged.

Garlic with food for agni and antiviral and digestion of metals.


In regards to Chelation.

Cilantro purges the metals from the tissues and organs.

Chlorella catches and binds to the metals.

Garlic dissolves and neutralizes the metals.


Above is effective. Below is Strong Remedy.


"N.D.F." (nanonized detox formula): is nanonized cilantro and chlorella: this means that is goes directly through the blood brain barrier into the nerve, majja, brain tissue. Metals lodge in the bone and burn the nerves/marrow inside (among other tissues/all tissues).


"Chelation/Longevity Formula" : contains every possible chelator you can imagine in one supplement. One pill at night and one in the a.m. is label suggestion. PLENTY of water with ANY chelator is important. (Plenty of water with any supplement is the medium to introduce herbs to cells and to remove the dissolved waste/aama.)


"Body Pure" : this is a Japanese remedy that is amazing. a patch of herbs/tree sap is taped to the foot at bedtime and in the a.m. removed. it is always black and brown waste in the patch. it stimulates the circulation from  kidneys (where metals are largely accumulated/including glands) and the sap catches

the metals and alcohols and petrochems, etc.)


Chelators can be quite exhausting, by flushing deep tissues, give the tissues time to rejuvenate, chelate slowly, high vata is indication of need to  back off for a day or two or three, keep up the blood sugar (though the use of sugar itself with metal poisoning is contraindicated b/c the high level of bacteria

with metal poisoning and lowered agni).


Also avoid caffeine: it methylates the metals and thus they go deeper into the system and become more volatile.


Fish oil helpful but easy to overdo oil if high aama.


Avoiding hot teas with fillings in the mouth or they will leach even quicker. We sell all of these products online or via phone plus about 100+ traditional Ayurvedic formulations (ancient lineage formulations) (herbal extract/bhashma/gugguls, etc) and several Ayurvedic Chelators (Rasayan  Yog, etc)


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Best wishes,

Hakim Pawo, Ayurvedic Practitioner (Co-Founder MahaSiddha Dharma)