Nuke radiation to cancer, trifala cures anything
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24 November 2006

On 24 November 2006 UNI reported: A top radiation biologist in India says that the age-old basic Ayur Vedic formulation of Trifala was found to protect people working in radioactive occupations, such as X-ray centres, from harmful effects. Global Good News service views this news  as a sign of rising positivity in the field of health, documenting the growth of life-supporting, evolutionary trends.

'Be it a cancer attack or the deadly assault of nuclear radiation', Trifala 'holds the power of shielding mankind' according to K P Mishra who was formerly associated with the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in Mumbai.

K P Mishra, currently President of the Indian Society for Radiation Biology and Indian Biophysical Society, and visiting professor of the  Hiroshima University, Japan, recently told an audience at the 5th International Conference of Low Dose Radiation Effects on Human Health  and Environment that 'Trifala”a combination of three herbs, Amalaki, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki” held the promise of protecting the body from  the attack of dreadful diseases,' UNI reported.

The article quoted Dr Mishra as saying 'Trifala is not only the best laxative and colon tonic, but also offers perfect treatment to allergies, cold, flu, and obesity. The age-old basic Ayurvedic formulation also tones up the immune system of the body”essential to foil any attack be it cancer or nuclear radiation.'

Dr Mishra explained that Trifala does this by 'differentiating between diseased human cells and the healthy or normal cells. Once the diseased  cells have been identified, the power of Trifala kills these cells, making way for the development of new healthy cells, consequently toning up the immune system.' Every day Global Good News documents the rise of a better quality of life dawning in the world and highlights the need for introducing Natural Law based” Total Knowledge based” programmes to bring the support of Nature to every individual, raise the quality of life of every society, and create a lasting state of world peace.

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